Condition of Sale

  1. No returns, refunds or exchange for any reason other than under warranty
  2. All goods will be covered for warranty as required under law. However, where known issues exist with the goods, a warning will be printed above with the description of the goods. These warnings will not be covered under warranty
  3. For 2 days after purchase, collection of goods may be made by a nominated courier between the hours of 7am-9am or 4pm-5pm Mon-Fri
  4. All goods not collected within 2 business days will be delivered to a storage facility at a cost of $50 per pallet for delivery plus $4.40 per pallet per week (or part thereof). If goods are not collected within 60 days, and storage charges are not paid, the goods will be considered abandoned with all money paid being forfeited.
  5. No responsibility will be taken where Tile Liquidators staff calculates quantities required. This should be double checked prior to purchase
  6. The customer is responsible to confirm all shade/ batch variations of all stock prior to installation
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* Prices are measured in m2, each or per sheet.
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